How To Plan A Micro Wedding

While we are still trying to figure out how to navigate the new normal, we here at The Ultimate Bridal have been super inspired by how our brides have been finding creative ways to make the wedding of their dreams come true, even amidst a time of global uncertainty. One of our favorite wedding trends in this strange and uncertain time is the Micro Wedding. Since the start of quarantine, you’ve probably been seeing this everywhere, and for good reason! A Micro Wedding can be the perfect remedy to your COVID-19 wedding blues, as it will allow you to not only move forward with your wedding ceremony while keeping all your loved ones out of harm’s way, but it’s also super budget-friendly! 

While you may not be able to host an enormous wedding event just yet, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on all your wedding dreams! With some imagination and creative problem solving, your micro wedding can still be a dream come true. We here at The Ultimate Bridal have put together some hard and fast tips on planning your Micro Wedding, so read on to get some information and Micro Wedding planning inspo!

Find the Right Venue

One of the main benefits of hosting a Micro Wedding is that this option really opens up your choices when it comes to choosing a venue. While most event spaces for huge groups are closed, there are still a plethora of options when it comes to choosing a more intimate space. You’ll have to see what’s open in your area, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box! Try contacting your favorite boutique restaurant and see if they would allow you to rent out their space for an evening. Reach out to your local art gallery and see if they’ll consider allowing you to host your ceremony there. If you have a friend or a family member that has an incredible outdoor space, ask if they’ll let you use it as an outdoor option. Or consider driving to a beach or nearby natural landmark and say your I-do’s among the gorgeous scenery.

Minimize Your Guest List

While this may be a little bit of a disappointment at the start, a Micro Wedding also allows for a more intimate and personal wedding ceremony experience. Really narrow your guest list down to the people who you couldn’t imagine your special day without. Work with your hubby-to-be to coordinate your essential invite list. 

One way to really minimize your guest list is to forgo the option of guests bringing plus ones. Many of your guests that are the most essential will probably be on friendly terms with each other already, so this shouldn’t cause too big of a fuss. Remember, you have a right to say “no” to some person you hardly know tagging along to your special day.

If you’re super concerned about some special people missing your ceremony, coordinate a Livestream of your wedding that guests can tune into from wherever they are! 

Get Creative

With a Micro Wedding allowing you to save the cost you’d usually front on a large venue, that means you can stretch your budget in new and exciting directions! Why not splurge on your dream wedding dress, gorgeous floral arrangements, or on a caterer sure to impress even your most picky foodie friend. With a pared-down reception, you can focus on having fun with your guests in an intimate and personal setting. Coordinate a fun game or themed trivia specific to you and your partner, and see which one of your guests knows you both the best. Or set up a small karaoke machine and let your musical friends show off their vocal chops. 

If your guest list is super slim, you can even get creative with the cake! Serve your favorite homemade cookies, or set up a fun and festive candy bar with all your favorite sweet treats. Feel free to get thoughtful and write a heartfelt card personalized to each of your guests in lieu of a traditional place card. Maybe decorate the tables with hand-picked wildflowers for a super personalized touch. Whatever you choose to do, focus on making the tiny details a reflection of your unique personality and tastes. 

The Good News

Just because your wedding may be micro, doesn’t mean your dream wedding dress has to be! Especially considering the minimized price tag on a Micro Wedding, why not go for the wedding dress you’ve been daydreaming about? 

At The Ultimate Bridal, we have an amazing selection of bridal styles from all the best bridal labels, so you’re sure to find the perfect wedding dress that will make you shine at your Micro Wedding. Make an appointment today at The Ultimate Bridal to find the bridal gown you’ll fall head over heels in love with!


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