Informal, Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses at The Ultimate

2020 has brought a lot of unpredicted trends and one of those is the informal or non-traditional wedding dress. With so many couples having to trade their traditional wedding for smaller weddings, courthouse marriages, or elopements, many brides are opting to also have a non-traditional wedding dress! Personally, we think this trend is very romantic and we are here for it.

Here at the Ultimate in Peabody, MA, we are always looking to help women and girls find the perfect dress for their special occasion. We want you to feel like yourself, while also feeling more beautiful than ever! You don’t always need an over-the-top, super expensive wedding dress to accomplish that. Sometimes less is more, and that is very true of these more informal wedding dresses!

If the casual wedding dress style is something you are thinking of getting on board with (but are not 100% sold yet) allow us to share some of the pros of these stunning informal gowns. First and foremost, they usually have a lot less fabric than the traditional wedding dresses. By ditching the ball gown silhouette and opting for something more fitted or flowy and no train, you will be more mobile on your wedding day (and you won’t be paying for all that extra fluff).

Which brings us to the next point. Informal gowns typically cost significantly less on average. Because you’re not paying for all those extra frills, beading, and intricate lace, casual wedding dresses are less expensive. Not to mention the fact that if you do need alterations, they won’t be as complicated as with a more expensive wedding dress.

Also, these dresses are just so romantic, and fun! “Comfy” isn’t exactly a word commonly associated with wedding dresses but the world is changing. We hope that with a more casual wedding dress, you will feel comfortable and at ease. With casual wedding dresses, it’s more about the style that speaks to you and your personality versus the name on the tag. 

In a world where normal has been flipped upside down, we still want you to have the wedding of your dreams and a wedding dress that matches! You want to have an intimate backyard wedding? A boho chic wedding on the waterfront? A romantic garden party? Or maybe a courthouse wedding with just you and your love?

It’s up to you.

Your wedding day should be about celebrating you and your (almost) spouse – not about what is traditional or what is expected of you. That being said, we hope that you will feel free to go non-traditional and find the perfect dress for YOU on your totally unique wedding day. 

We hope to be able to accept appointments at the store beginning in June, but if you are more comfortable we would love to have one of our experienced sales team work with you through our Virtual Showroom. Book your Virtual Appointment Here!

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