Prom Clutch: Must-Have Items


You’ve got the perfect prom dress, now you need the accessories to match! A beautiful clutch, like the Ellie Wilde style above, can be the finishing touch – it can add some sparkle to your look, but most importantly, it’ll hold everything you need so you’re night goes off without a hitch. Besides the essentials – your phone, ID, and credit card – you’ll want to include a few items handy that won’t take up a lot of space.

When it comes to beauty, choose space-saving travel or sample size items. Deodorant is a must (you never know when you’ll need to re-apply!) and a sample size of your favorite perfume is the perfect way to carry the scent with you. Blotting sheets are thin and essential to keep you shine-free, and if you’re worried about your coverage staying put, a powder compact and concealer might also be good to throw in your clutch. And finally for beauty, can’t forget the lips! Make sure to take whatever lip product you used so you can touch up, but our tip is don’t forget chapstick as well – a lot of lip products, especially stains and matte formulas can be super drying, and the last thing you want are chapped lips!

For hair, it will depend on what hairstyle you pick, but bobby pins are always a safe bet – either to keep your updo secure, or pull your hair out of your face. A travel hairspray might be worth the space, or even just a skinny comb.

Finally, don’t forget the emergency items! Safety pins can be a life-saver with any outfit mishaps, a Tide pen comes in handy with any accidental spills, and band-aids are crucial if your shoes start rubbing the wrong way. And last but not least, mints!

With some strategic organizing, you can fit all these items in your clutch and have everything you’ll need for glam on the go! Visit us at our Peabody store or shop with us online for everything you need for prom!

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